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Volumetti was created to serve as a resource for families who are bilingual or who speak more than one language at home. He was formed out of a passion for books, illustrations, and his own multicultural experiences. 

Who we are

Marina is the founder of Volumetti. She has lived all over the world and is now raising her two children in Barcelona. During the Covid pandemic and while raising her children in a multilingual family, Marina realized how difficult it was to find quality children's literature in multiple languages in one place.

And this is where Volumetti started! He reached out to his community and dedicated his time to building a platform that supports multilingual families. With the support of her friend, a certified elementary school teacher with a passion for literacy, Marina has been able to assemble from across Europe a catalog of award-winning, diverse and high-quality books for children and young adults in many languages. She hopes other families enjoy the selection as much as her own family does.

Our Mission

The objective of Volumetti is to strengthen the bond of parents through reading. We are a generation in which one parent may be from "there" and the other from "here", families from various countries living under the same roof, where children speak two or more languages.  


That is why our mission is to support each child's language development through interactions with children's literature.  


We want to provide each child with quality children's literature that reflects diverse cultures, traditions, and languages from around the world. 

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